5 Bitcoin Cash Full Node Teams to Raise Funds With the Noncustodial Flipstarter App 


The creators of the noncustodial funding application, Flipstarter have recently announced there are now five fundraiser campaigns live on the platform for a number of Bitcoin Cash full node projects. The projects full node fundraisers currently hosted on Flipstarter include the Bitcoin Cash Node, Bitcoin Verde, BCHD, Knuth, and Bitcoin ABC.

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Five Bitcoin Cash Full Node Projects Are Raising Funds Using the Noncustodial Flipstarter Protocol

On April 16, the developers who built the fundraising platform Flipstarter announced the launch of five new fundraisers that are hosted on the platform. At the end of February, news.Bitcoin.com reported on how programmers behind Bitcoin Cash full node projects can leverage the Flipstarter application in order to raise funds for infrastructure. Additionally, Flipstarter’s creators also detailed that the nonprofit food charity powered by BCH donations, Eatbch will also have a fundraiser held on the noncustodial platform. The Lighthouse-like concept Flipstarter’s protocol leverages bitcoin cash assurance contracts via the Anyone-can-pay Sighash. The project stemmed from the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) debate after a number of BCH community members asked for a different kind of fundraising idea.

On the read.cash blogging platform, Flipstarter’s creators revealed five new campaigns that are leveraging the noncustodial, assurance contract system. The projects hosted on Flipstarter are full node Bitcoin Cash implementations which include codebases like Knuth, Bitcoin Verde, BCHD, Bitcoin Cash Node, and Bitcoin ABC. Each fundraiser explains the full node project’s description, and how long the fundraiser will be running. For instance, the Knuth is a full-node implementation “focused on extra performance and flexibility.” The fundraiser’s goal for the Knuth project is 460 BCH and the fundraiser will last 20 days. At the time of writing, the Knuth project has raised over 6 BCH out of the 460 BCH goal.

Bitcoiners Have Been Waiting for a Powerful Blockchain-Powered Fundraiser App Since 2014

The full node project fundraisers include an introduction to the project, customer segments, value proposition and technical accomplishments, development plans, schedules, budgets, backup plans, accountability, and information about the members of the team. The creators of Flipstarter include a group of well known cryptocurrency and blockchain engineers including Imaginary Username, Emergent Reasons, Sploit, Leandro DiMarco, Jonathan Silverblood, and Dagur. The Bitcoin Cash community has welcomed the Flipstarter project on social media and Reddit forums like r/btc. The Flipstarter team has also produced a video so people can learn how to leverage the fundraising protocol.

For quite some time now, bitcoiners have been looking for a noncustodial fundraising platform that leverages assurance contracts ever since Mike Hearn came up with the Lighthouse project concept. However, during the scaling debate, he predicted BTC’s skyrocketing network fees and clogged mempool, so Hearn left the BTC project in frustration. With Flipstarter built on a Bitcoin branch that has low fees and a mempool that’s not congested, BCH proponents believe a trustless fundraising platform is perfect for the Bitcoin Cash network. The five Bitcoin Cash full node projects Flipstarter-based fundraisers are trying to raise around $726K (3,039 BCH total) at today’s bitcoin cash exchange rate.

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