’s Market Aggregator Now Features Into the Block Crypto Asset Statistics


At we take pride in providing the best cryptocurrency resources online so people can learn about the great benefits of bitcoin. One particular service we offer is a cryptocurrency market valuation and price data aggregator called This week our team is pleased to announce now features statistics from the crypto asset intelligence company Into the Block.

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A while back, introduced our market capitalization aggregation site so our visitors can track their favorite digital assets at any time. shows the top 500 cryptocurrency values in real-time and there’s never a need to refresh the page to see current prices. In addition to the crypto market capitalizations, visitors can also view the tokens tab to get a comprehensive look at the tokens built on Omni Layer, Counterparty, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Further, users can also monitor the Gainers & Losers tab, which gives people a view of the top ten crypto gainers and losers during the last 24 hours. Additionally, our market’s page has Tradingview charts and stats about a coin’s algorithm, proof type, current supply, and max supply as well. This week we also partnered with the crypto asset intelligence company Into the Block (ITB) in order to provide even more comprehensive cryptocurrency data.

Essentially, ITB is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. Users who leverage our service will be able to access ITB data to get info in regard to their favorite coins. In order to get a glimpse at the ITB stats on our market aggregator, simply choose a crypto asset and press the “more details” tab. After that, you will see a Tradingview chart and you need to scroll down a hair, in order to see the ITB data. The ITB information gives visitors an interesting perspective of onchain metrics that provide a rapid understanding of the state of the cryptocurrency chosen.

A ‘Deeper Dive’ Into the Fascinating World of Crypto Market and Network Statistics

For instance, if you were to choose the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network, the ITB data shows statistics like holders making money at the current price, the concentration of large holders, price correlation with BTC, holder composition by time held, transactions greater than 100K, Telegram group stats, and BCH transaction demographics. The ITB stats are shown with clean and easy-to-understand charts that give people a greater understanding of each coin. There’s also additional statistical information on the number of large transactions, transaction size, and the number of daily active addresses. In order to access the plethora of ITB data, visitors can choose any cryptocurrency they desire information about under the “more details” tab as mentioned above. If the visitor wants to look further into ITB’s crypto asset intelligence, they simply need to press the “dive deeper” tab, which will bring them directly to the ITB website.

At we believe in the future of crypto assets and blockchain technology, and our stats are there so people can have access to reliable data. The latest ITB integration makes the data even more extensive by offering a thorough look at each crypto coin’s activity and integral operations. So if you are into tracking and monitoring your favorite digital currencies and want more information than the average crypto cap aggregator, then check out today. We promise you will find all the statistical crypto market and network data you need, and then some.

What do you think about Into the Block integration? Let us know in the comments below.

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