DentaVox: Market Statistics Powered by Blockchain


DentaVox: Market Statistics Powered by Blockchain

Back in November 2017, the Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation launched its market research platform DentaVox among other software products to raise oral health awareness with the help of blockchain. Two and a half years later, DentaVox has already gained international traction as a trustworthy source of dental market statistics with its 110 surveys and in total 28,500,000 questions answered by 34,400 users.

The growing number of users get access to daily polls, as well as to two new long surveys weekly, allowing them to share their opinion on various oral health-related topics and get rewarded with Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, a selection of valuable market research data is made available to dentists, suppliers, media, researchers, students, and all other interested parties for free, upon simple registration. In-depth reports are soon to be offered for an affordable fee in Dentacoin cryptocurrency.

What is the survey methodology, how are genuine users and truthful answers ensured, and what is the role of blockchain, learn below.

What is the DentaVox survey methodology?
All DentaVox statistics are based on online questionnaires and polls published on Whereas the simple daily polls are available to non-registered users as well, only signed-up users can take in-depth surveys. This is because these questionnaires require a detailed demographic profile, on top of multiple attention checks and anti-fraud mechanisms.

As statistics are dynamically updated with every new respondent’s answers, the sample size is also not static and can be seen below each graph. Demographic breakdowns by biological sex, age, education, location, income, is also available for most public statistics. If not explicitly ordered by customers or required due to the questionnaire specifics, DentaVox surveys are available to participants globally. To avoid excessive results distortion, there is a percentage limit of survey participants from one country. Respondents are with varied demographics, currently primarily in the age group 25-50.

How are genuine users and answers ensured?
To ensure trustworthy statistical results, Dentacoin Foundation does not make any compromise with the legitimacy of users and their answers.

Among the core sophisticated anti-manipulation algorithms are:

Restricted registration options for regular users – Facebook and Civic Identity – as both platforms have their proven anti-fake profile measures;
Anti-robot features – reCAPTCHA, calculation of average time per question which prevents rushing through the questions by bots and humans alike;
Protection against multiple accounts per person – IP exploitation checks, email pattern detection;

Regular attention checks during the survey to inspect whether respondents are focused, followed by a strict ban policy in case of failure.

What is the role of blockchain?
Blockchain functionalities are used on DentaVox for two main purposes: 1) to motivate participation through crypto rewards, and 2) to further enhance the above-described legitimacy measures.

DentaVox users can monetize their valuable time and insightful opinion by generating rewards in the form of Dentacoin (DCN) crypto tokens for each survey answered. The collected tokens can be used to pay for dental services and products within a growing number of partner locations. They can also be stored as a future fund or exchanged to any other crypto or fiat currency.

Moreover, to further verify user identities upon rewards withdrawal, Dentacoin Foundation has implemented Civic secure, blockchain-based KYC (Know-Your-Customer). The document scanning confirms the users’ real human identities, prevents multiple profiles creation and thus enhances the basic account verification services in a reliable, privacy-compliant way. Speaking of privacy, the collection and use of personal data on DentaVox is performed in compliance with the GDPR Guidance Note for the Research Sector, compiled jointly by the European Research Federation (EFAMRO) and ESOMAR – the global voice of the data, research and insights community.

Up to date, DentaVox results have been widely and regularly used by international dental and general healthcare media, shared by dentists on social media, and even quoted in students’ theses and dental companies’ prospectuses. The Dentacoin Foundation’s market research platform once again proves that novel blockchain solutions can be easily applied to everyday lives and businesses if addressed at existing needs and developed in a user-friendly manner.

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