The Vacate Manifesto: How Today’s Technology Can Solidify Abolitionist Goals


20 years ago the cypherpunks of the new internet era came up with vast ideas describing privacy, anonymity, and encryption. Some of them brought these ideas to practice.

***The following is a featured manifesto written in 2015 by Jamie Redman that first appeared on the website (the site is no longer under maintenance). There’s also a video below of the entire transcript.***

Today we live in a world where we have the tools to bring about a new era of living. Life without third-party intrusion and parasites meddling in our wealth and private affairs. Decentralized services are slowly making us all nodes in a mesh pattern of pure human action. The ideas of anarchy are coming to life. Things like Tor, I2P, Bitcoin, Bittorrent, the Pirate Bay, online data houses, the Silk Road, Open Bazaar, Defense Distributed, 3D printing, mesh networking, encrypted chat and messenger services, so many ideas are spontaneously rising. These are the subliminal messages of anarchy dropped into the eyes of society. The idea is the very root of Agorism to create a wonderful counter-economy and completely vacate the state. Now the information era is upon us.

After the financial crash, many went to the streets to “occupy”. The idea was to occupy government and all things related. To get the voice heard and spread true direct democracy. Yet this a fallacy. Just as you cannot decimate an idea. You cannot ask a parasite to help you out. The idea of Occupy Wall Street was to simply be heard and get help from the government. More government is the last thing people need. Being heard by the government never happens. When you cry that the children and students in your country are in debt, it’s an utter absurdity to cry for more government. They are the very creators of the problem. Look what it got Occupy. They brought in the police state. They showed everyone around the globe who was boss by shutting you down with a gigantic slap on the face. People got beaten and pepper-sprayed on camera. For what? For more government, the very beast who is starving you? Today I ask you to starve them. Join the counter economy. Vacate the state.

The idea is to vacate the state and it’s edicts by any means necessary. The oligarchs laugh at us. So we ignore them. If you are to occupy anything; occupy your self and become an individual node in a decentralized land. Choke the state, with counteraction and economic freedom. We can build better infrastructure. We can build a better noncoercive tomorrow. We can starve the state by using cryptocurrency. We can house vast amounts of transparent data on the Bitcoin blockchain. Start our own marketplaces, escrows, trusts, and organizations without the need for third-party validation. Reputation systems are coming which will be just as powerful as anonymous private systems. A new era of enslaving information to be instantaneous and global electronic transactions for everyone. Technology and information will replicate biology in a manner that all of it will be distributed until there cannot be a third party. No sign of authority. It will be too blurry to recognize authorities in a decentralized land. Until we’ve completed the task of vacating all elements of their system.

We vacate the state. Vacate Wall Street and the central banks. We vacate the military by encouraging others to walk away and starve the industrial complex with our counter-economic actions. War feeds off of our use of the dollar and fiat currencies. We vacate the vote by not participating in their election systems, by simply walking away from the charade and opting out. We vacate taxation by avoiding it at all costs. We vacate public schools and let the young learn, rather than be subordinated. Not to fall in line, but to create a new.

The tools are now here to unleash the beast of direct action and many are doing this every single day. Ensuring privacy, anonymity and reputation and trust systems on the very same tokens. We must show our intentions of a stateless society with practice and proof. For emulation to grow and gravitate towards a noncoercive and nonviolent future. It must be done in front of the people for them to see. The cry for Occupy Wall Street is dead. The idea is to vacate and to claim pride in the shadow economy. Vacate the state by any means necessary. We vacate and create anew.

If you are interested in learning about the many ways to opt-out and vacate the state – Check out these essays below.

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